UX/UI Case Study: Connecting Fraternity Undergraduates and Alumni
DFW is home to four different undergraduate chapters of Pi Kappa Phi fraternity, and at least 500 Alumni (per the Facebook group “Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity of Dallas/Ft. Worth”). Many of these chapters are newly chartered (or rechartered), and the relationship between undergraduate chapters and Alumni is weak. Alumni have a lot to offer undergraduates, in terms of networking and professional mentorship, but undergrads don’t have a great way of connecting with them

Special Challenges
Alumni are often very receptive to undergraduates seeking an audience with them for professional purposes. The challenge is facilitating the beginning of the relationship; coordinating the logistics of the first outreach and helping undergraduates who might be shy overcome the discomfort of reaching out to someone they’ve never talked to before.

The Solution
 Pi Kapp Connect DFW will help establish relationships with undergrads and alumni, and allow for networking, mentorship, and career insights to be organically formed. It first function as a database for undergrads with a user-friendly way of indexing local Alumni to find a relevant professional, and will then provide guided direction to undergraduates about how to reach out, what to say upon first contact, and what they can reasonably expect from Alumni. We’ll be using a mobile app to connect our users.

Our Audience
Pi Kapp Connect DFW will serve undergraduate members from the University of North Texas, the University of Texas at Arlington, the University of Texas at Dallas, and Texas Christian University. You can view a persona I put together for this project below.
Functional Requirements
The first part of Pi Kapp Connect DFW will essentially function as a database of DFW Alumni and their professional information, including email for contact information. It will require only a basic CMS without the need to support users creating accounts. Usage should be simple enough that unique accounts are unnecessary. CMS should allow for additions and corrections of contact information, and the ability to add or remove Alumni rapidly. Alumni information should include: Name, industry, job title,  place of Employment, photo, and email.
Task Flow Draft
Mobile  Prototype

Click on the phone to check out the first mobile prototype I made for Pi Kapp connect using Adobe XD.
User Testing

I did usability testing with 10 of my peers to see how the app preformed, what issues needed to be addressed. The document below is  summary of the most important insights from the testing.
Mobile  Prototype II

Click on the phone to check out the second mobile prototype I made for Pi Kapp connect, based on the information I got from user testing, made using Adobe XD.
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